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Professor is Cruising for a Bruising

Published March 29, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Professor is cruising for a bruising


A professor of engineering has received a letter from the University of Iceland banning him from playing cruise gigs with his part-time jazz trio, reports Vísir.

Outside his work at the University of Iceland, Professor Egill Benedikt Hreinsson enjoys playing jazz piano with two of his friends. Occasionally they gig together in Reykjavík and have even performed aboard cruise ship “The World”.

Egill told Vísir that he did not feel comfortable sharing all the details of the letter until he had finished consulting with a lawyer but confirmed that the letter was ambiguous.

“The ban is indefinite, regardless of time and place. I can probably play on land, it’s not particularly specific,” Egill told Vísir.

He does not feel this ban is fair.

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