From Iceland — Serial Catnappings Alleged In Mosfellsbær

Serial Catnappings Alleged In Mosfellsbær

Published March 20, 2014

Larissa Kyzer
Photo by
Alex Ardri

A disturbing trend of cat disappearances in the town of Mosfellsbær may actually be the work of serial catnappers according to some commenters on the classifieds and message board site Vísir reports that a user going by the alias “Dalmatian Dog” has alleged that an unidentified father and son team has been kidnapping local kitties, a nefarious spree made easier due to Icelanders’ habit of allowing their house cats to roam free.

“I moved to Mosó [short for Mosfellsbær] and am going to get a cat,” Dalmatian Dog posted. “I want to let her out but then I heard about these cats disappearing here. A father and son are taking away friendly kitties, removing their collars, and releasing them in Kjós [the countryside outside of Mosfellsbær]…”

This post lead to extensive discussion on the message board, with some members corroborating the story and others dismissing it, claiming that any disappearances are simply due to the fact that people do not keep their cats indoors. Visír launched its own investigation into the matter and spoke to Aldís Stefánsdóttir, Mosfellsbær’s publicity and information officer. She suggested that concerned parties should contact the animal supervisory office or the local police to report any suspected catnapping activity, but said that the town is not aware of any trend of cat disappearances. “Allowing cats to roam freely is generally not thought to be a problem in Mosfellsbær,” she said.

Vísir was unable to make further inroads into the alleged catnappings, but encourage anyone with further information to be in touch.

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