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Spilled Fish Cover Highway

Published February 26, 2014

Photos by
Steven G. Johnson

Traffic on the Reykjanesbraut highway was delayed yesterday due to vast quantities of fish which fell off of a truck.

Vísir reports that capital area police were called to the scene, where traffic had been slowed due to piles of redfish and cod all over the highway. Nearby fish tubs indicated that the fish did not spontaneously appear, but had rather fallen off of a truck carrying the cargo.

“I was driving past there when I saw what had happened,” motorist Sævar Helgi Bragason told reporters. “There were some fish tubs laying in the road, and at first glance it looked like redfish and cod.” He added that police were able to direct traffic around the mess whilst the fish were cleaned up.

No word yet on who was responsible, nor if other species of sealife were involved.

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