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Jón Gnarr The Lumberjack

Published November 8, 2013

The Mayor of Reykjavík, Jón Gnarr, is now in Norway, getting the city’s Christmas tree with his bare hands.

Norway’s capital, Oslo, traditionally gives the city of Reykjavík a Christmas tree every year, a tree wich is set up on Austurvöllur and decorated with lights.

Jón Gnarr cut down the tree himself on Thursday.

It is 42 years old and 18 metres high but as there’s only room for the top 12 metres in the shipping container, everybody who were present received a “slice” of the tree and the rest will be utilised.

That particular tree was picked out as Reykjavík’s Christmas tree ten years ago and since then, forestry specialists have given it special treatment.

The lights on the Christmas tree on Austurvöllur are always turned on on the first Sunday of Advent, or 1st of December this year.

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