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City Council Candidate Promises Better Weather

Published October 30, 2013

A conservative politician hoping for a seat on Reykjavík city council is promising better weather for capital area residents.
Vísir reports that the candidate in question is historian Björn Jón Bragason, who is running in the primaries for the Independence Party. Björn contends that he could reduce wind speeds in Reykjavík by as much as four metres per second, through the cunning planting of trees.
“This is very realistic, especially in light of how much of an effect tree growth has already had,” he told reporters.
Björn’s plan is to engage in a massive tree-planting exercise, covering the side of Mt. Esja facing the city, in addition to planting many trees around the city itself. This, he contends, would greatly reduce northerly winds that – as many residents know – regularly whip through such Reykjavík areas as Lækjartorg, located near Harpa Music Hall.
In fact, Vísir spoke with meteorologist Þór Jakobsson, who agreed that such a tree-planting exercise could realistically reduce wind speeds in the capital.
Björn is campaigning for the second and third seats of The Independence Party list of candidates for City Hall. Party primaries will be held some time in mid-November, with municipal elections to be held next spring.

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