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Fruits And Vegetables In Iceland Subpar

Published October 14, 2013

The Consumers’ Association of Iceland says they have received numerous complaints about the quality of fruits and vegetables sold in Iceland. One fruit and vegetable importer is baffled by these complaints.
Jóhannes Gunnarsson, the chairperson of the Consumers’ Association of Iceland, spoke candidly with RÚV about the situation, telling reporters, “I wouldn’t say very often, but all too often we receive complaints [about fruits and vegetables], most of them regarding quality.”
Kjartan Már Friðsteinsson, the director of Iceland’s largest fruit and vegetable importer – Banana hf. – says he finds these complaints baffling.
“I am of course very surprised by this,” he said. “We have really devoted ourselves to selecting the best and freshest fruits every time.”
Nonetheless, Kjartan admits that Iceland’s location might have a lot to do with these complaints.
“It takes about a week to sail here [from Europe], and then the fruits are sitting here for a week before you can buy it in the stores. So it’s obvious that the products that are for sale here are older than they are in Europe.”
Iceland does not produce much of its own fruit, although various types of berries – including strawberries and raspberries – are grown here, often in greenhouses.

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