From Iceland — Shit Gets Real For EVE Online Player

Shit Gets Real For EVE Online Player

Published July 12, 2013

Rex Beckett

The gaming world is in shock after an EVE Online lost a spacecraft worth $9000 USD (roughly 1,116,000 ISK), marking one of the games’ most historic, ass-on-a-platter defeats, Forbes reports.
The “Revenant Super Carrier” ship was a particularly rare type of craft in the game that had previously never been destroyed. The ship got taken down on July 7, thanks to the traitorous actions of a well-respected player who turned against his allies and trapped them into a massive battle. Nine other super carriers got slaughtered in the same battle, right after the Revenant.
The entire ordeal and the traitor’s defense are carefully detailed on The Mittani. The battle can also be watched on YouTube.
The long-running game by Icelandic developers CCP has its own built-in currency system that players use to buy spaceships that they pilot and battle with in a gargantuan universe. Their currency is valued in real-life currencies through a system called PLEX.
The Revenant was far from the most expensive item bought with it; in 2010 a player bought a space-station valued at $100,000 USD. Now that’s a lot of moonrocks!

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