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Police Stop Search For Asylum Seekers

Published May 15, 2013

Police in Borgarnes have called off a search for other refugees who were believed to be hiding in the harbour area of Grundartangi after two men were found trying to board a boat yeseterday morning, mbl reports.
The two men had made their way to Gundartangi harbour on the north side of Hvalfjörður after fleeing FIT hostel in Reykjanesbær near Keflavík where asylum seekers are detained in Iceland. They are expected to be returned to the hostel after being questioned by police. 
According to the police, the men were found in possession of what appears to be stolen goods. Neither the men’s country of origin nor their intended destination from Grundartangi has been determined.
While it was first suspected that two other asylum seekers were also hiding in the harbour, police have now called off the search.
According to mbl, quite a few refugees have attempted to flee to North America by hiding on boats in Sundahöfn harbour in Reykjavík. Fewer have been found trying to board boats in Grundartangi. However, two men, one from Morocco and the other from Algeria, were suspected of attempting the feat when they were arrested in the area last August.    

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