From Iceland — Elf Church In Gálgahraun Could Disrupt Construction

Elf Church In Gálgahraun Could Disrupt Construction

Published April 19, 2013

Rex Beckett

The construction of a highway through the Gálgahraun lava field in Garðabær could be disrupted by an elf church, Vísir reports.
A group of lava field enthusiasts are planning to sue the city against the construction of the proposed Álftanesvegur highway, which would run from Engidal in Garðabær through Gálgahraun to a square in front of Bessastaðir, the home of the president of Iceland.

The group asked Erla Stéfansdóttir, a piano teacher and seer, to assess whether there are any elves living in the field. Erla contends there are no elves living there, but that it does serve as a meeting place for them. She alleges that there is a beloved elf church in the field named Ófeigskirkja, and that it would be unwise to move the stones. “People should take caution around these beings,” she says.

In 2006, the town of Vogar in Reykjanesbær asked Erla to convince some elves to move so the city could build a senior citizens’ home. Erla did so and there were no incidents during construction.

Erla says she has already asked the elves in Gálgahraun if they would move for the construction of the highway, but it’s a no go. “They really love that place,” she says. They might still be convinced to move, however.

There are many stories in Iceland of interference with construction plans on supposedly elven land. Erla says that incidents usually occur when the elves aren’t consulted with. “But then again, it could be alright,” she adds.

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