From Iceland — Cleaning Gum of Reykjavík Sidewalks Very Time Consuming

Cleaning Gum of Reykjavík Sidewalks Very Time Consuming

Published February 13, 2013

City employees were on Austurstræti with pressure washers in tow cleaning the the streets and sidewalk. Due to the lack of snow in the city, time can be spent cleaning the streets rather than focusing on snow removal, Vísir reports.
“We have the equipment in our department to handle street cleaning and have the opportunity to be running it,” said Jón Halldór Jónasson, an information officer with the City of Reykjavík. “At this time the biggest battle with cleaning the streets is all the gum.”
Typically two workers with the appropriate equipment can clean 200 square meters daily. “This work is time consuming but we try to do it well,” said Jón Halldór, further noting that the gum quickly re-appears despite the City’s efforts.
Gum chewers, cigarette smokers, and litter-prone folk in general should note that the most city streets are amply equipped with trash bins for quick and clean disposal of all the trash that is otherwise ending up on the ground. Don’t be a litter bug!
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