From Iceland — Björt Framtíð: "Not A Branch Of The Social Democrats"

Björt Framtíð: “Not A Branch Of The Social Democrats”

Published January 4, 2013

As a relatively new party – Björt Framtíð – is currently poll strong enough to win nine seats, their chairperson clarifies the party’s platform.
As reported, Björt Framtíð (Bright Future), which was formed just over a year ago, is currently polling at 12.3%. This is equal to nine seats in parliament and, with elections just a few months away, many supporters are optimistic.
However, their platform remains a matter of dispute. They are officially the sister party of the Best Party, but chairperson Guðmundur Steingrímsson has emphasised the party has its own platform. In December 2011, he described this platform as that of “a liberal, internationalist, green centrist party”, saying they want “a green economic system that creates plenty of jobs, a good education and health care system, productive and sustainable use of our resources, a continuous economy, fearless cooperation with other nations, perspective, democracy, liberalism, peace and compassion.”
Vísir spoke to Guðmundur and asked him if Björt Framtíð was just a branch of the Social Democrats. This he denied, describing the party’s platform in this way:
“We share our EU policy in common with the Social Democrats. Environmental matters we have more in common with the Leftist-Greens. We also have a strong interest in a free market, and the freedom of the individual to do their best in the labour market. That we share with the Independence Party.”
Guðmundur has belonged to the centre-left Social Democrats and the centre-right Progressives at different points, belonging to the latter before leaving the party to form Björt Framtíð.

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