From Iceland — LENNONONO Award Today


Published October 9, 2012

The LENNONONO peace award will be dedicated this evening in Reykjavík, followed by the lighting of the Peace Tower on Viðey.
As reported, those to receive the award this year are singer Lady Gaga; Rachel Corrie, a peace activist who died in 2003 when an Israeli bulldozer crushed her to death as she tried to stop the destruction of a family home in Gaza; John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman; Christopher Hitchens, a noted humanist and atheist who has written extensively on the negative effects of organised religion; and the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot, three members of which are currently serving a two-year prison sentence for a protest concert they held in an Orthodox church earlier this year.
Vísir reports that Yoko, who is currently in the country, is feeling anxious for the event, as it means everything to her that things go smoothly when people around the world honour the memory of John Lennon. The media in Iceland and around the world has been abuzz with the arrival of Lady Gaga, who supposedly landed in the country at last night and will be staying at Hotel Nordica.
However, RÚV is openly speculating as to whether or not Lady Gaga is even in the country. Members of the press were told she would be landing in Reykjavík at 19:00 last night. Those at the scene did witness a private plane land, and photographers took pictures of those exiting the plane, but “experts in the news room” at RÚV have contended that none of those photographed are Lady Gaga. Vísir also posed the question of whether any of the arrivals were her, but speculate rather that the press were purposefully given misleading information, rather than contend that Lady Gaga is not in the country at all.
The award ceremony itself will take place at 14:00 Icelandic time. This will be followed by the lighting of the Peace Tower on the island of Viðey at 20:00. Those not able to attend the lighting in person will be able to watch it live at the Imagine Peace Tower website.

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