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Hope For The Lonely

Published August 23, 2012

One enterprising Icelander has created a group for the socially isolated who want to meet new people and make friends.
Sunna Rós Baxter found the inspiration for creating the group, DV reports, when she found herself in a similar situation and decided she could help herself by helping others. The group, Bjarta Ljósið (the bright light), claims over 400 members at the time of this writing.
Sunna explained that in her situation, she found that there were no such services available for those simply wanting to socialise with other people without the pretense of being already socially-minded and cheerful. “I thought it would be a good idea to create a group where everyone would be welcome. To be able to go out with people without pretending to be in a good mood or taking part in a group that they don’t feel like they necessarily belong in right now.”
The group is, in short, dedicated to socially isolated individuals who are fighting against loneliness and would like to meet new people. The response has been positive, as hundreds have joined in the past 24 hours alone.
Those wishing to do the same can do so via the group’s Facebook page.

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