From Iceland — Portuguese Army In Iceland - Video

Portuguese Army In Iceland – Video

Published August 16, 2012

As a part of NATO exercises, the Portuguese army is currently in Iceland conducting air drills.
While Iceland has no standing military of its own, it is a NATO country. As such, Iceland allows different NATO countries to conduct exercises – usually air drills – in its air space.
RÚV reports that members of the Portuguese military are currently in Egilsstaðir, in northeast Iceland, to conduct air exercises. A crew of 70, who arrived with six F-16 fighter jets, have been conducting air drills throughout the week, and will continue to do so until Friday.
Below you can see a video of some of the work Portugal is doing to practice military maneuvers in Icelandic airspace, in the unlikely event that a non-NATO country were to engage in a military strike against Iceland.

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