From Iceland — Fourteen Years For Brutal Stabbing

Fourteen Years For Brutal Stabbing

Published June 26, 2012

An Icelander was sentenced this morning to 14 years in prison for nearly fatally stabbing two lawyers to death in their office earlier this spring.
As reported last March, Guðgeir Guðmundsson walked into the law offices of Lagarstoðar armed with a knife, and demanded to speak to Skúli Eggert Sigurz, the director of the practice. Once in their office, Guðgeir repeatedly stabbed Skúli, as well as another lawyer, Guðni Bergsson, who came to help Skúli. Skúli lost a great deal of blood in the attack, and at times seemed close to death, but eventually recovered.
The attack sparked a panic among law offices and finance companies, who had already been receiving an increase in threats.
Despite Guðgeir telling the court at one point that he had actually no idea what his motive was or what he was even doing in that particular law office, he was found mentally competent to stand trial. This morning, DV reports that he has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. In addition, he will have to pay Skúli 3 million ISK in damages, plus interest, and pay Guðni 800,000 ISK.
Guðgeir has been in custody since his arrest, and his prison sentence will begin immediately.

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