From Iceland — Government Loses More Support

Government Loses More Support

Published June 4, 2012

The parties of the ruling coalition – the Social Democrats and the Leftist-Greens – has once again declined after a brief upswing, and the conservatives continue to lead the pack.
Support for the ruling coalition has seen better days. A Gallup poll taken earlier this month showed combined support for the two parties at just over 30% – an uptick from the month previous, where they were at about 28%.
It now seems as though the upward trend was a brief one, as the latest Gallup poll now shows support for the Social Democrats at 18% and support for the Leftist-Greens at 10%, for a combined total of 28%. To put into perspective just how low this support is, the Leftist-Greens have not had such little support since 2003, and the previous government – comprised of the Independence Party and the Social Democrats – had a support level of 26% at the time they were driven from power by popular protests in 2009.
Meanwhile, the Independence Party still hovers at the 39% mark, making them the strongest party in the country. Support for the Progressives remains unchanged, at 13%.
Support for new parties seems to be in flux as well. Solidarity, the party of former Leftist-Green Lilja Mósesdóttir, is now at 6%, down from 9% last month. Bright Future also saw a slightly decline, from 5% to 4%. Support for other new parties – Dögun and the Conservative Greens – are at 4% and 5% respectively.
For whatever reason, support for The Movement – who have three seats in parliament already – was either not measured or not reported.

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