From Iceland — Former PM Gets Job With Law Firm

Former PM Gets Job With Law Firm

Published May 28, 2012

Former prime minister Geir H. Haarde – who was found guilty of one charge of neglect and mismanagement at a trial last month that grabbed international headlines – has found a new job, as a consultant for a law firm.
As reported last month, he was found guilty of one of the four charges of negligence levied against him. In particular, the charge is that during his time as prime minister, he either knew or should have known that he had to respond in some way to the information he had been receiving that the economy was unstable.
However, he did not receive any sentence – whether prison time or a fine – for the charge he was convicted of. Furthermore, the Icelandic government was ordered to pay for his legal expenses, which total 24 million ISK.
Morgunblaðið now reports that Geir has found a new job, working as a consultant for the law firm Opus. Specifically, he will offer consultation on “international affairs”.
Erlendur Þór Gunnarsson, a high court lawyer and the director of the firm, issued a statement to the press saying they considered it a “tremendous gain” to have Geir on their team, given his experience as prime minister, foreign minister and finance minister, and that this would prove beneficial to the firm and its clients.

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