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Notorious Hacker Strikes Vodafone

Published March 8, 2012

The main page of was briefly defaced by a hacker who has left their mark around the world.
DV reports that the main page of Vodafone was seized, rendered completely black save for the company logo, and then emblazoned with “By Over-X, ALGERIA FOREVER” in red letters. The vandalism was only up for about 15 minutes, Vodafone director Hrannar Pétursson told DV, as employees were quick to respond.
Hrannar added that is first and foremost a sales and service site, completely separate from the servers they use for the internet or the phone system. “No data was in any danger,” he said. “But this is of course not something we want happening again.”
Nonetheless, Hrannar did not feel the attack was especially threatening. “People have managed to get into the website through the most unlikely ways, so it’s a constant battle,” he said. “But there was no threat arising from this; just inconvenience for any customers who were looking for information [on our website] at this time.”
Over-X has a global reputation for simple hack-and-deface attacks of websites around the world. Last November, they hacked anti-virus software company Avast’s website, leaving the message “God Bless You Gaddafi” on their home page, and last September they also managed to hack and deface the website of the Tajikstan parliament.

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