From Iceland — Icelandic Software Helps Police Find Paedophiles

Icelandic Software Helps Police Find Paedophiles

Published February 22, 2012

A programme developed by an Icelandic company that helps scan hard drives for illegal content is about to be exported to Europe.
Police who have arrested someone suspected of possessing child pornography usually also have the unenviable task of having to scan the hard drive to manually search for this material. The process can prove very disturbing, especially in cases of particularly violent material.
According to Vísir, the concept behind the software is relatively simple. It scans the hard drive without any human eyes having to look at the contents. The software then compares the hard drive contents to a police database of child pornography, searching for a possible match. If one or more matches are found, the investigation then proceeds.
Videntifier Technologies, the company that has helped develop the software, has already exported it to the UK. It is expected to spread to law enforcement across Europe.

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