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About Half Of Icelanders Want To Withdraw From EU Talks

Published November 17, 2011

A new poll shows that just a little over half the country believes Iceland should take back its application for accession into the European Union.
The poll was conducted by Market and Media Research on the behest of progressive (as in liberal, not a part of the Progressive Party, which is centre-right) website Andríki. The poll asked respondents, “How much do you support or oppose the Icelandic government withdrawing its application for accession into the European Union?”
50.5% said they were either rather supportive or very supportive of accession withdrawal, while 35.3% were against it. 14.2% had no opinion on the matter.
The results of this poll reflect an on-going trend among Icelanders when it comes to joining the European Union: divisiveness.
Those in favour argue in part that to join would provide a more stable currency, as well as oversight for what is seen as a closed and nepotist society. Those opposed often argue that the fishing and agricultural industries may suffer without protective tariffs.
The matter is not a simple one for the Icelandic government, either. Among the many other points still to be negotiated, the EU has shown an unwillingness to waver on whale hunting, which it strongly opposes.

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