From Iceland — Undercover Cop Claims International Operations

Undercover Cop Claims International Operations

Published November 14, 2011

British undercover police officer Mark Kennedy – who worked for years under the alias Mark Stone while infiltrating environmentalist groups in Iceland – is now claiming a much broader base of operations, spanning Europe.
Kennedy worked for British police while infiltrating the Kárahnjúkar dam project protests, reportedly gathering intel and using sexual relationships to ply information from protesters to report to his superiors in the UK. Icelandic police have denied any knowledge that he was working in Iceland.
In the course of a candid BBC Channel Four documentary, Kennedy claims to have conducted operations across Europe, and depicts himself as a hapless pawn forced to do as his superiors told him.

Kennedy said he was “under huge pressure to gather all this intelligence and feed it back” after European governments asked for his help.
Details of his deployment in Germany, Iceland, and Ireland have previously been revealed, leading to criticism that British police were interfering in the democratic affairs of other countries.
Kennedy said he went to 22 countries in total during his seven years under cover, pretending to be an environmental activist. The list also includes Spain, Poland, France, and Belgium.

Kennedy has made grandiose claims before, which environmentalist group Saving Iceland have said were exaggerations. However, his case does shed light on a secret network of local law enforcement officials exchanging undercover agents to infiltrate leftist groups across Europe.
Kennedy is currently unemployed, and no longer lives with his wife and children.

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