From Iceland — Rabbits Disrupt Traffic

Rabbits Disrupt Traffic

Published October 10, 2011

A three-car collision occurred in Reykjavík when a group of rabbits suddenly bounded onto the highway, leaving chaos in their wake.
Several accidents in the capital area were reported last Friday. While car accidents are not by themselves an unusual occurrence in Iceland, one accident has underscored a growing problem in Reykjavík: a thriving rabbit population.
A three-car pile up happened last Friday afternoon on Reykjanesbraut at Bústaðavegur. All three cars were rendered inoperable, and had to be towed from the scene. The cause: a group of rabbits, leaping down from Stekkjarbakki and onto the highway.
This is not the first time rabbits on the road have caused car accidents, the website reports. They have on several occasions hopped onto the capital’s roads, resulting in accidents and delayed traffic.
As Grapevine reported last year, a resident in Elliðaárdal released several pet rabbits at the time, very soon resulting in a population boom. The rabbits have allegedly caused a great deal of property damage, and are unafraid of humans.
This was brought to city council’s attention at the time, but so far no plan of action has been put into play with regard to how to deal with them.

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