From Iceland — More Names Approved

More Names Approved

Published October 4, 2011

The Icelandic Name Committee has given the green light to a couple new names, while axing a couple others.
The Name Committee approves or rejects new names submitted for approval, based primarily on two criteria: that instances of this name, however rare, can be found in Icelandic recorded history, or the name can be declined according to Icelandic grammar. Names that have never appeared in Icelandic history have been approved based on this second standard.
This time around, the female name Vinsý and the male name Jamil were approved. Both of these names, the committee decided, can be grammatically declined in Icelandic, and can therefore be allowed.
Not making the cut were Hannadís and the middle name Arndal. The committee explained that Hannadís was rejected because one would have to either decline the first part (Hönnudís) or the second part (Hannadísar), both of which break rules of Icelandic grammar.

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