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Nationalists To Start Own Political Party

Published August 29, 2011

A self-proclaimed neo-Nazi who gained some attention last year is back, and has announced that she has formed a nationalist party, while insisting it is neither right or left wing.
Sigríður Bryndís Baldvinsdóttir, better known under her pseudonym Védís Ótugt, first appeared in the news during the 2010 protests in front of parliament. As many may recall, a Nazi flag and a “sun cross” flag were flown within the crowd. While most of the rest of the country expressed outrage, if not surprise, at this, Sigríður uploaded a YouTube video complaining about foreigners and calling for a racially pure Iceland.
DV now reports that Sigríður has formed a nationalist party called Iceland First. Officially established in August, she says the meetings have been small, gathering mostly in her home and discussing the platform and campaign strategies.
Sigríður also contends that the party is neither right wing nor left wing; rather, she claims that people on both the left and the right who consider themselves nationalists have been drawn to the party.
The last attempt at an anti-immigration party was when the Liberal Party adopted such a platform in 2006, months before elections. While seeing an initial boost of support, they did not gain any seats beyond the four they had. Two years later, they lost every seat they had in both parliament and Reykjavík city hall.

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