From Iceland — Vast Majority of Icelanders Against Legalizing Marijuana

Vast Majority of Icelanders Against Legalizing Marijuana

Published November 26, 2010

According to a new poll from Market and Media Research, most Icelanders are against legalizing marijuana, although the break-down by demographic shows distinct differences of opinion.
Talk of legalization is not new in Iceland, as it has been pointed out that the physical health risks from marijuana are considerably less than alcohol, by comparison. After the collapse of the economy, talk of legalization as an aid for the economy has also arisen.
But according to the survey results, 83% of Icelanders are against the idea of legalizing marijuana. In all, 68.1% said they were very against it, 15% said they were rather against it, 9.1% said they rather supported it, and only 7.8% said they strongly supported it.
Interestingly enough, though, 51% of males aged 18-29 supported the idea of legalizing marijuana. 19.4% of females in the same age group showed the same support, averaging to 34.6% for both sexes in this age range. By comparison, 13.5% of those in the 30 to 49 year age bracket and only 7.1% of those in the 50 to 67 year age bracket supported legalizing marijuana.
A .pdf file of the full survey can be found here.

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