From Iceland — Grapevine's Picks For Saturday! + CONTEST ACTION!

Grapevine’s Picks For Saturday! + CONTEST ACTION!

Published October 16, 2010

WOW! Fuck. Huh? Yeah. So we’re on the second-to-last day of Airwaves. Are you tired? Because we are. But fuck that. Tired is for losers, we can sleep when were dead – PUMP ANOTHER BEER MOTHERFUCKER, WE ARE TAKING THIS THING TO ITS ILLOGICAL CONCLUSION!

Sorry for not getting these recommendations up earlier. It’s been a busy, busy day here at GV HQ. But here they are, so if you’re at your hotel room being all “I have no idea what to see tonight, WTF!” then you can fucking rest assured that some of the bands we list below will be alright AT THE VERY LEAST!

Without further ado, here they are. But wait! There’s more ado! And it ain’t about nothing! See, we thought we’d get ourselves a little contest going here. E-mail us at with the subject like “I AM AT FANCY AIRWAVES” and write something nice in that letter. It can be a story, it can be an anecdote, it can be unorganised ramblings (we are very used to those at GV), but it’s gotta be something.

The three nicest letters will get PRIZES GALORE! CDs! EPs! T-shirts! Bags! All courtesy of Smekkleysa, Kimi Records, Record Records and the band For a Minor Reflection. And last but definitely not least, the best letter will win TWO PASSES TO ICELAND AIRWAVES 2011! WOW! FANCY THAT!

Anyway, here are some nice bands for the night! In no particular order! Fuck the war!

Mt. Kimbie – NASA – 22:00
Man. We have been looking forward to this all year.
Apparat Organ Quartet – NASA – 23:00
Apparat Organ Quartet. We don’t need to write anything else here. Go see them.
JJ – NASA – 21:10
JJ are pretty goddamn great. We have no idea how their live show is, but their albums kick ass.

The Antlers – Sódóma – 23:50
Antlers are current alt.rock darlings and it’s pretty easy to understand why. They are lovely.
Neon Indian – Venue – 23:30
We love Neon Indian. Because the music is lovely. It’s all about the music. You used to be all about the music, man. Where’d you go?
Quadruplos – Venue – 20:50
This might be coming in a little too late, but if you catch it in time, GO SEE QUADRUPLOS! We fucking love Quadruplos. They are reinstalling our faith in Icelandic music.
Markús & The Diversion Sessions – Risið – 01:00
Markús used to be the singer for Skátar. Then Skátar quit, and Markús made a solo record. Lucky for all of us, it’ s a fucking great album. An honest, sincere performer that has his heart in the right place, and the tunes to boot!

That whole Ghostigital thing at Tjarnarbíó – Tjarnarbíó – ALL EFFING NIGHT!
Because the line-up sounds too fucking good to be true!

See y’all out there!

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