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Icesave Matter May Go To Court

Published June 4, 2010

It is possible that the Icesave dispute between Iceland, the UK and Holland ends up going before a judge, says Dutch minister of finance Jan Kees de Jager.
Most recently, the supervisory commission of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) has come to a conclusion with regards to Icesave: Iceland must pay the minimum insured deposit of every single person who paid into the internet bank.
Icelandic authorities have received the notice from the EFTA already, giving their opinion that Iceland should pay each depositor the minimum 20,000 euros (provided they invested 20,000 euros or more of course). The EFTA believes the Icelandic economy can well handle paying this amount.
Being interviewed on Dutch television, Jan Kees de Jager was asked by RÚV what the situation was with regards to Icesave. De Jager responded that they are awaiting an offer from Iceland. Holland submitted an offer to Icelander already, but have not yet received a response. He added that taking the matter before a judge was a possibility.
When asked if he believed the Icesave dispute could influence Iceland’s chances of entering the EU, De Jager refered the question to the minister of foreign affairs rather than respond.

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