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Word on the Street

Published October 16, 2009

At half past midnight the sidewalk outside Bakkus was peppered generously with the drunk, the yet-to-be drunk and the soon-to be comatose. It was fertile ground for an interviewer trying to get a handle on this, the second night of Airwaves and ask some of life’s more important questions, like: Would you eat your newly-wed husband if your only alternative was death?  I strong-armed a couple of buddies, a couple of lovers and Andrea the DJ to respond.
Dagsi & Zach
Dagsi and Zach looked like a couple of unassuming wallflowers outside Bakkus. We covered the basics:
What’d you guys see tonight?
Z: Kid Crash—they were fucking awesome. Fucking great.
D: I didn’t see them; I was at the Agent Fresco gig. It was awesome.
Z: But you didn’t say ‘fucking’ awesome.
D: Yeah, I really wanted to see Kid Crash because all my friends glorify them.
So you kind of fucked up by not going?
D: Yeah, but Agent Fresco was really good.
What do you guys want to see this weekend?
Z: Caterpillarmen and Sudden Weather Change. I’ve heard they’re really, really good.
Do you guys play in a band?
Z: …yes
Which ones?
Z: …Caterpillarmen and Sudden Weather change.
Deceit, deception, lies and trickery!

Erla & Dagur
I cornered these innocent-looking lovebirds and confronted them with the two questions every one-week old married couple should settle early in their relationship.
If you had a choice between the two superpowers of invisibility or flight, which would you choose?
E: Invisibility.
D: Flight.
Why? What would you do?
E: Well for one, I’d check out the boy’s locker rooms inside the stores. Two, I’d listen in just in case my friends were talking behind my back and maybe my parents too…
So you want information and to look at naked men.
E: That’s pretty much it.
D: I wouldn’t like invisibility because I’d feel a bit creepy. But flying—how awesome is that?!
But you wouldn’t feel like a creep, Erla?
E: Well, I’d think about it in the back of my head but then who the fuck would even know?!
And Dagur, that doesn’t entice you?
D: No, I’d feel too guilty.
E: Come on! You’re invisible! Nobody knows what you did in the shower last night. But I know. Because I was there—invisible. See, no guilt.
Okay, even I’m creeped out at this point. Question 2: If you were in a plane crash and the only way you could survive would be to eat your significant other, would you do it?
E: Yeah, but I’d probably go for the parts without which he might survive: his fingers and toes. But if it gets really crazy, I’d just go wild. After the fingers and toes I’d start with the head, because I couldn’t bear him watching me as I eat the rest.
And would you eat her?
D: No, I probably wouldn’t.
But you’d die!
D: Yes, I probably would.
E: Since we’re married, he shouldn’t say that he’d kill me.
But you’d kill him.
E: Yes.

By the time we found Andrea, Bakkus was trying to shut its doors. We chatted outside while a group of numbskulls threw what looked like half a dozen empty glasses at the sidewalk next to us.
If you only had one song you could listen to before passing away, what would it be?
A: I hope I’ll be asked again, but for now I’ll say “In My Life” by the Beatles. The song reflects John Lennon’s life and we should all remember the lovely things that have passed in our lives.
When was the first time you heard it?
A: Exactly when it was released, they were the group of my youth. I think it was 1964.
And you liked it this much the first time?
A: Completely—I had tears in my eyes. I was very young then, I was only 25. It was so beautiful.

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