From Iceland — Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

Published October 16, 2009

A musky aura of suspense hung in the air as Lucas (Austrian) and Tobias (Swiss), winners of our Win a Date Frímann Frímannsson contest, waited anxiously for the arrival of the man of the hour. Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Frímannsson himself glided into the bar, looking hip (as always) in an elegant trench coat and fancy hat. A few formalities, introductions, warnings, and instructions later, I pulled Frímann aside for a little interview.
“I don’t do interviews,” Frímann objected.
That’s too bad.
What’s your goal for the next three days?
Frímann Frímannsson: Get these guys laid.
Both of them?
FF: Yes, at least twice a night, but not in my house. That’s gross.
Will you take care of them if they get too drunk?
FF: Yes, I promise to take care of them—they won’t die.
What else can you promise them?
FF: I promise to basically show them the time of their lives. This is going to be the best week ever.
Ever?! A tall order, even for Frímann Frímannsson! So, I pulled Lucas and Tobias aside and asked them about what they wanted the next three days to look like.
How are you guys feeling?
Tobias: I’m very excited.
Lucas: I’ve heard about Airwaves for a few years, and now I’m finally experiencing it…with Frímann Frímannsson!
So what’ve you heard about Frímann Frímannsson?
L: Well, the article says a lot about him. My first impression is good and I’m looking forward to this.
T: I think he’s the real hipster in town to party with.
What if I told you Frímann promised to get both of you laid, at least twice a night?
L: This sounds good to me.
T: No problem.
So what are your goals for the next 3 days?
T: Party hard.
L: See good bands and not die, pretty much.
But if you only had one marker, one moment that made you realize, ‘Yes, this was a success,’ what would it be?
T: I sent in the most amazing experience I ever had to win this contest: it was hijacking a radio station.  When this festival is over, I want it to replace that story.
L: That’s a big goal!
T: I know, but I’ve heard a lot of things about Airwaves, and I think it’ll happen.
L: For me the most important part of a festival is to see bands I know, get to know new bands and meet new people.
What bands do you want to see?
L: Well, obviously Kings of Convenience in that amazing church. I really like Sudden Weather Change, Eberg…
T: I hope to discover some new music. I wanted to see Hoffman’s show yesterday but unfortunately some of the members have swine flu and they canceled their show.
And who does Mr. Frímannsson, the prize himself, want to see? He brushed the question off like crumbs from a table: “I don’t really care. I haven’t even planned my week. Whatever happens happens. I don’t really make plans.”
But if there was one, just one band? “Metronomy,’ Frímann admits.
And with that I left the young musketeers to get acquainted, share stories and swap tips. The weekend is still so young and woe unto him that blocks the path between these fine lads and the greatest three days known to man.

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