From Iceland — Reykjavík Art Museum - Thursday

Reykjavík Art Museum – Thursday

Published October 16, 2009

Due to some unforeseen problems, I showed up as Rökkurró were almost done with their set. What I caught, I liked, as is to be expected when this band is involved. Even though belonging to the ‘cute’ scene, Rökkurró don’t stop there. Offering a variety of beautifully written lyrics (my biggest attraction to the band), interesting songs and a wonderful collection of instruments (cello, accordion, saxophone) Rökkurró are definitely worth the while
Now, I’ve got to admit, I don’t really know where these guys are coming from, I don’t know a lot of music like this, but what I know is – it’s pretty comfortable. Nice.
Lights on the Highway play a blend of cosy, melancholy music. It’s feelgood music, to an extent. It’s at least interesting. Lights on the Highway sport good arrangements, good singers and casual, flowing songwriting. The music, in whole sounds very effortless – which in my books isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think you could give anybody a Lights on the Highway record. Anybody you’d want to give something warm, welcoming and pleasant.
This place is full. There is a ridiculous amount of people in here. Obviously a lot of them are eager to see Dikta. To the casual observer of the local music scene, it has been obvious for a while that a lot of people like watching them. Tonight they play a new song, from an upcoming album, it sounds OK but no surprises there. The girl’s bathroom is empty. Holy shit! The girl’s bathroom is NEVER empty! These girls must really like Dikta! After all that, it might sound like I dislike Dikta, like I have something against them. This is not really the case. Tonight they delivered a tight show of well-written music and a focused performance, even though not really my cup of tea, I still don’t hate a little Dikta every now and again. Play this at a party tomorrow, will I dance? Heck yes!
Next up are the Danes of Choir of Young Believers. What a suiting name! To a point of semi-embarrassment. They really are a choir of young believers. This band offers super soft vocals (due to an abundance of reverb) casually floating over casual melodies, still featuring the generic heavy (post) rock parts. Interesting use of instruments, I’m thinking it’s old school, or somehow foreign. A bit interesting. Very simple, in a good way. That said, I’m not too crazy about this band. I wouldn’t turn of the radio if they were playing, but that’s about it. They certainly don’t have my undivided attention tonight.
So. When Saints Go Machine are on. Another Danish band. Now, theirs is a very awkward attempt to be a hip party band. I don’t know what it is they’re playing, but it’s not cool. Like the cartoon badass, showing off their badass-ness. Unless… it’s not very badass. Thug-electro-cute music swirled up in a very questionable cocktail. In every way. Am I just out of it? Definitely. I have a hard time putting my finger on what it is they’re trying to achieve. Is this music to make club-remixes from? It feels more like this is what you make from club remixes. Whatever that may be.

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