From Iceland — The Jet Korine Guide To Buying Fashion During Airwaves

The Jet Korine Guide To Buying Fashion During Airwaves

Published October 13, 2009

Jet Korine is a Reykjavík based fashion designer, stylist and costume designer. She hails from the Netherlands, although she has been in Iceland long enough for folks to call her an Icelander. She is without doubt one of Reykjavík’s smartest dressers, and she does a lot of dressing other folks for a living, too. She knows all about clothes.
So we thought we’d ask her to help us compile a sorta guide to fashion shopping at Airwaves. All she asked in return is that we mention that JET KORINE, the brand, will be available on-line this winter, and its cool blanket coats can already be spotted on Reykjavík streets, as worn by rare fashionistas. So there you have it.
The Jet Korine guide to Airwaves fashion shopping is divided into xx levels, according to how much they’ll cost you. We start with some cheapo second-hand shopping, move up to pre-selected second hand shopping, finally ending at some first hand shopping and design-stuff.
Second-hand //
Selected second-hand

Cool vintage pieces are an absolute main fashion item that has always been really strong in Iceland. They help you personalise your outfits, because you won’t find them on other people. They are easy to combine with design pieces, and a lot of design pieces need that, to not be too sterile and clean.
Hjálpræðisherinn //
The Red Cross Stores // Kolaportið

This is the rawest version of second hand clothing. You get everything from fleece sweaters to ugly tacky jeans; you can never count on good items. But those who are up for it, and are armed with some good taste or the funkiness to bear those kinds of items can get excellent bargains at the Red Cross stores on Laugavegur and Hlemmur, Hjálpræðisherinn on Ránargata and the Kolaportið flea market on weekends.
To successfully shop at those stores, the individual must have a clear view on how to combine his or her clothes, although they could be the place to get inspiration to buy something unusual. Always leave the fleece behind.  
Spúútnik // Rokk & Rósir // Nostalgía
These stores cherry pick the best items from second-hand markets, so you wind up paying a bit more, but finding a special piece is a lot easier. I recommend getting some Dr. Martens at these stores; they’re an absolute must. Preferably green, red or black.
Spúútnik is the rawest version of the select vintage stores. They have everything available for girls and boys, in good amounts. For select female pieces, Nostalgía and Rokk & Rósir are the place to go – they have a bit more narrowed down version.
Select second-hand //
New items
Herrafataverzlun Kormáks & Skjaldar

Kormákur & Skjöldur have both second hand and new items, and they have the finest collection within their specialised corner. The store is a nice little niche outfit where boys can go and, to put it into fashion terms, buy themselves a style, with a little ambiance from the old days. They also sell Farmer’s Market sweaters and they do have an incredible amount of suits that will fit anyone of any size, with any taste.
Aftur give second hand items a new life, which is definitely a dominant downtown look. They rework second hand items into new garments, in a very particular and recognizable way that a lot of people have tried to copy, but just can’t. Their items feature a fantastic use of patchwork and collage, and a fine-tuned sense of colour that others don’t seem to be able to repeat.
New items // Design from around the world
Here’s where we leave second hand and look at stores that host Icelandic and foreign design brands that are a little pricier.
Belleville is cool and slick, and they have a new shipment of Bernhard Willhelm in store. They also sell Raf Simon and Cosmic Wonder – all very nice brands.
KronKron is a design store where you’ll get pricey, but extremely beautiful, design items. They have a couple of Icelandic brands, a lot of Scandinavian stuff like Henrik Vibskov as well as lots of international designers. It’s really the only store in Reykjavík that sums up Scandinavian streetwear on a design level.

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