Chairman of Banking Council Says He Feels "Bullied" - The Reykjavik Grapevine

Chairman of Banking Council Says He Feels “Bullied”

Published February 3, 2009

Halldór Blöndal, the chairman of the banking council for the Central
Bank, released a statement comparing the new government’s proposed
changes to “bullying”.
“The statement from [Prime Minister] Jóhanna [Sigurðardóttir] with regards to the work of bank managers is political and borders, as some say, on bullying.”
Sigurðardóttir introduced a bill to parliament which would change the management of the Central Bank, and would for example make one bank manager the head of the Central Bank. Sigurðardóttir sent a letter to the current board of the Central Bank – Ingimundur Friðriksson, Eiríkur Guðnason and Davíð Oddsson – asking that they tender their resignations immediately so that organizational changes can begin.
Blöndal contends that the bill contains a “political statement” aimed at the Conservatives, and that there is “no substantial criticism of the Central Bank being made.”

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