From Iceland — Sour Grapes And Stuff: Issue 14, 2014

Sour Grapes And Stuff: Issue 14, 2014

Published September 12, 2014

Most Awesome Letter of the Issue!

Sour Grapes And Stuff: Issue 14, 2014

Most Awesome Letter of the Issue!

Dear Grapevine,

My name is Diana and I am German but living in Ireland.

I love Iceland and will visit your beautiful country next week which I’m very excited about.

My best friend’s daughter in Germany who is 5 next week has send me on a special mission.

Little Nelly wants me to go visit Eythor Ingi whom she is the biggest fan of since last year’s Eurovision.

I know you probably say – she is only 5 and it’s a bit strange for  a child that small to have such a fan obsession.

Now Nelly knows what she wants as the eldest of 3 girls and she listens to Eythor’s music all time – and I mean really all the time.

My friends probably knows the lyrics better at this stage than Eythor himself. Nelly even told her Daddy, she would prefer if he had long hair just like Eythor.

As a present for Nelly’s birthday I wanted to get an autograph from Eythor Ingi. This is where I need your help.

I cannot go knocking on all the doors in Iceland looking for Eythor as little Nelly expects me to do but I don’t want to ignore her wish either.

Would you be able to organise an autograph for me for little Nelly or would you be able to put me in contact with somebody that might be able to help?

I appreciate any help.

Thanks very much.

And very excited about seeing your great country next week…


Hi Diana,

We spoke to Eyþór Ingi, who said he would be happy to help you out! We will (actually we have!) put you in touch. You guys can take it from there!

Best regards,


Look, I’ve made this collage and lots of my friends believed I’ve seen the eruption. How possible I can do magic and It’s been over a month I’m looking for a job in Reykjavik. Nobody needs magic?



We feel your pain! We’ve been hankering the Ministry of Interior to acknowledge its secret warlock department, but until it does, we’re not sure what other Icelandic workplaces might employ a clairvoyant. Well, any employers in Reykjavík reading this, the guy does magic. If you need his skillz, drop us a line and we’ll put you in touch.  Best of luck Kuba!


Hello there,

I’m currently studying Philosophy and English at university in England and, having seen previous internship opportunities over the past years, am wondering if there are any internship opportunities with yourselves over this summer this year?

If so, is there an application form that I can send back?

Many thanks,


Hi Elliot,

We do indeed have a three-month internship programme, and are always on the lookout for good interns. You can find the application in our “contact us” section of the website. Unfortunately summer is already over here in Iceland, but winter is always pretty darn cool.

Hope to see your application!

The Grapevine

Hi hi Grapevine.

Just wanted to point out the fact that since you switched to soundcloud for the track of the issue on your website, it’s not possible anymore to download it since that option is disabled.

Not sure if that’s a choice (then truly a sad one, ah!) or just a mistake.

Anyway, have a nice day guys.

Oh, no worries, it’s neither a choice or a mistake, you can still get the mp3 🙂

Check out the article, and right click-save on the “here” in “Download the track right here!”

And enjoy the track 🙂

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