From Iceland — Sour Grapes & Stuff: Issue 10, 2014

Sour Grapes & Stuff: Issue 10, 2014

Published July 18, 2014

Most Awesome Letter of the Issue

Sour Grapes & Stuff: Issue 10, 2014

Most Awesome Letter of the Issue

Hello Grapevine!

I am a wedding photographer from Richmond, Virginia, and I’m travelling to Iceland in late August to do some shooting. I’m super stoked about exploring your wicked beautiful country and doing all the amazing things you write about in your magazine. I am planning a couple styled shoots while I am there and I am looking for different vendors. I’m hoping you may know some awesome folks, or have some recommendations for me. I’m first off looking for 2 or 3 super rad couples. Maybe they are already married, or just seriously in love, but I want to track down some hip kids who want to get their photos taken being all ridiculously in love and shit, and get paid! Secondly, I’m trying to find some great stylists and/ or florists. I would SO appreciate any direction or help you can give me with this. You can check out my work on my website,, or my most recent published shoot on Green Wedding Shoes Blog,

Thanks so much!!
Ashleigh Hobson


Well, hey there, Ashleigh-

You’re stoked about visiting Iceland and we’re stoked about your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, being curmudgeonly writer-types who often hang about with other curmudgeonly writer-types, we don’t have any great leads for you on happy couples, stylists or florists. HOWEVER: we have great faith in our readers and believe that we’ve got to have at least a few who are “rediculously in love and shit” or at least know someone else who is. So with any luck, you’ll be awash with messages from stylish lovers shortly.

The Grapevine.
Dear Anna,

we just spent two weeks in iceland, and I very much liked to read your paper. It gives one much information about Icelandic society a visitor hardly could get so fast otherwise.

Iceland’s not only good for proposals (you see, I really read your journal) but also for a silver wedding journey. As it was really, really beautiful, I dare to ask you for a favour:

Two days before we left home, on Tuesday 8th of July, our camera got lost, between 17:50 and 19:00 on bus No.1 between Hamraborg and MR or on the way from there through Austurstraeti and so on to Volcano House. We don’t know if it fell out of the anorak or rucksack pocket or if it was stolen (pickpocketed). But in it, there were all the pictures we took, including the one of us between two glacier tongues at our 25th wedding day.

We went three times to Hlemmur Lost&Found, we reported it to the Police and Barón-Hotel, were we stayed, but to this time, there is no news about it.

May we ask you to “alarm” your readership and maybe to forward this matter to Morganbladinn or another widely spread paper? Since one says that in Iceland everybody knows everbody (see Hildur’s personal account in issue 9) I very much hope there is a chance to at least get the memory card with all the photos on it if not the silver-coloured Canon Power Shot S 110 in a retro-style light-brown leather case itself.

Please, please help us.

Yours sincerely
Martina + Hariolf Mosthaf, Freiburg i.Br., Germany


Guten Tag, Martina and Hariolf!

First, may we congratulate you on 25 years of the kind of adventurous marriage that finds you celebrating your silver anniversary between two glacial tongues in Iceland. We wish you many more happy travels together in the future.

We’re sorry to hear that you lost your camera (we’ll assume it was lost and not stolen), but you’re right: it is not outside of the realm of possibility that someone here found it and can return it (or at least the memory card) to you both. (We once had a friend whose debit card was found on the side of the road in the countryside. The finder drove the card all the way to Reykjavík—several hours away—to return it.)

So, dear readers, if you found Martina and Hariolf’s camera or can return the memory card (no questions asked), please email us at


The Grapevine.



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