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Published June 24, 2013

Sour Grapes & Stuff

Most Awesome Letter of the Issue
Love your publication! (I’m currently reading it on my patio at my home in Minneapolis, Minnesota in preparation for my third trip to Iceland on June 14.) However, I would love it even more if I could listen to it. Is there a Grapevine podcast? If so, where can I find it? If not, can you make one? There’s a severe shortage of Icelandic podcasts available, at least in English and on iTunes.
Keep up the góða vinnu! (I hope that means “good work”…)
Justin Nickila
PS: If you have any other Icelandic podcast recommendations, I’d love to hear them.
Greetings Justin,
Man, we tried so hard to launch a podcast, but for some reason kept failing at it. We even bought a microphone and everything. To no avail!
But it’s not too late. Maybe we can do something this year. It is, after all, our tenth birthday this year. We should be celebrating somehow.
Can’t think of any Icelandic podcasts at the moment – if someone remembers something, we’ll be sure to let you know.
The Grapevine

Dear Grapevine,
We recently returned home to North Carolina after an enchanting nine day visit to Iceland, during which we gazed at the waterfalls of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, biked through Reykjavik to the Elliðaárdalur, and even sampled the fine local horse sushi and hákarl. The Perfect Trip!
Well, almost. We just realized that we failed to bring home a pair of cozy knee-high socks made from beautiful Icelandic wool. Doh!
Then we heard about the MOST AWESOME LETTER contest in The Grapevine, and we realized that our trip could still be saved. In conclusion, here’s a haiku:
Cozy SheepsWool Socks,
Full of Icelandic Magic.
Won’t you send us some?
Dave and Jenna Staples
Dear Dave and Jenna
It’s too warm for sheepswool socks
Summer has arrived!

dear sirs, i am writing to you from athens in greece because i want you to know about steve, a man from iceland who is living about 2 years a homeless life in pagrati, a part of the city of athens. at the moment he is injured on his left foot, but there is nobody who can help him adaquately. steve says he is from reykjavik and that he feels sometimes homesick. please help him! i will also contact the consul, mr. lyberopoulus. please contact me by mail or by phone greece-2107013800. thank you very much, paschalis aita.
Thank you for your concern Paschalis, we wish more people were like you. So we appeal to our readers; if anyone knows Steve (or perhaps Stefán?) in Greece, you really should check on him!
Love and peace,
The Grapevine

Congratulations, Reykjavik Grapevine!
Happy Birthday to the only newspaper I am proud to be able to call a friend 😀 Please keep being as brutally informative, incisive and investigative as I have known you, please stay as good at making hard-hitting journalistic exposes as entertaining as you do, and please enjoy your second decade as much as I and the world have enjoyed your first. I know ten years is a bit early to be hitting the hard stuff, but the next round is on me.
Rísaknús frá vinur þín, Singaroundiceland Daniel :ö)
Thank you Daniel, we’re blushing!
It’s really too bad you missed our party. We would have loved to see you do some karaoke. Readers,
Daníel cycled around Iceland and sang for room and board. Pretty sweet, right?
The Grapevine

Good morning,
We are a group of 12, who will be in Iceland between 5-7 July. I have been told to contact you for some advice. I am interested in finding out some information about where to go, bars and clubs we can visit and reserve. Please can you help.
Francis Harris
Rushden, UK
Hey Francis,
You may want to check out our Bar Guide in Issue #7. It has descriptions/reviews of 60 bars in 101 Reykjavík. You can find it on our website. Let us know if we can be of more help!
The Grapevine

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