From Iceland — Sour grapes and stuff

Sour grapes and stuff

Published June 3, 2011

Sour grapes and stuff

We’ve got a new prize for all your MOST AWESOME LETTERS. And it’s a
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can still get a tee for a low, low price over our website, Now, if you’re in the market for free goodies next month, write us some sort of letter. Give us your worst:

I want congratulate you and Grapevine for all articles about Medhi case. Really great!
I hope with all my heart that his case will be solved soon. It is really so sad! I feel me bad for him.
When my case will be solved completely (I still am waiting for my work
permit and for the Parliament decisions- also my daugther had not the
same answers than me) , when everything will be solved and I hope it
will be until beginning June, I will turn my page open for support other
cases like Medhi case . It will turn a page for changes in UTL.
By the way my concerts in June
Café Haiti – Each Saturday – 21:00 – June – 1.000 kr entrance fee
Thank you so much,
Best Regards,
Dear Jussanam,
Wow. That’s a nice letter to get, especially on such a sad occasion.
Thank you for writing it, and for enriching our culture with your music
and your joy.
We look forward to the day your case will be completely solved, as well
as Medhi’s case. We also yearn for the day Medhi and other asylum
seekers won’t have to suffer UTL and the government’s seemingly random
and painstakingly slow decision-making processes (unless they’re dating
an MP-spawn, in which case the decision-making process quits being
random and slow).
Also drop by our office whenever you feel like it for your free tee-hee-hee.

Dear Colleagues of The Reykjavik Grapevine
I posted to the essential proof of “worldwide children are
brainwashed”,  and “correspondings of the United Nations and Japan.” 
But the article was not normally seen. I would like to apologize for
Please visit the repaired website;
Yours sincerely,
Nagaya Osamu
Dear Nagaya,
thank you for your nice letter. Worldwide children are brainwashed
indeed. Those kids! We can’t really understand your article as its in
Japanese, but maybe some of our readers do and will write back to inform
us? That would be cool! Japanese speaking readers—do your worst!

Dear Rebecca,
i don’t know your direct email address, so i hope this will find you – somehow.
I have read your piece on how rapes are treated in Iceland. It was very
brave of you to include your personal experience, to tell the world that
you are one of the victims. Dear, you don’t know how lucky you are: you
have been raped only once, by the person you did not know. If you
decided to make charges, it would be quite easy to prove it was a rape.
I had been raped by my (ex?) husband many times before i decided to make
charges against him. And so the police did the questioning – first me,
than him. He said i wanted it every single time, that i was purposely
making him horny with perfumes and that i just made it all up cos i want
the custody. And so my case is standing somewhere (i don’t remember the
name of it, some gæsla), and the lawyers need to decide if it will go
to the court or not. That was last October – nothing had happen since.
So everything is fine (on the paper).
You can imagine what could be said (made up) about my mental health when
i had let the same man to rape me so many times. The courts are of
course far busier with more important cases than of one crazy foreigner
whom no one believes anyway.
Well, needed to say, the police believed me, and there were some really
wonderful guys who are on my side, they had even disciplined my (ex)
husband so well he did not raped me again anymore (for who needs rape
when there are so many other forms of violence).
Maybe you think i am weird to tell you my story, but you had inspired
me: i just thought that if you decide to put some victims together,
maybe our voice would be louder (even louder than your family name) and
maybe we could achieve something. Of course, i don’t expect any
Anyway, thanks for reading
Dearest you,
reading about your plight and struggle is hard, as was reading Rebecca’s
story, as is reading every single account out there of the brutal
violence and injustice that our society for some reason seems to
Our hearts go out to you, and to our Rebecca, and to everyone else that’s been raped, molested, harrassed or otherwise abused.
This needs to end. Now.
Thanks for your letter, and for sharing your experience. Hopefully it will open some eyes.


Re: The Reykjavík Grapevine Newsletter May 2011
hello grapevine!
i am always very happy to receive news from you, even though i dont live
in Iceland at all. i guess to me Icelandic news are a good barometer
for some sort of possibilities in this world.
i wanted to be in touch with you for a while as i am launching now my
nomadic label, dedicated to various musicians around the world, this
week – its named PETITES PLANETES – and it’s here for you:
you might remember someone wrote an article about my work while i was
invited for the last RIFF, this past september –
– and while i was in the country, i did a few films with local
musicians – from Retro Stefson to Pascal Pinon to Sin Fang to Gyda &
Kria Valtysdottir… and then i met up with Olof Arnalds in NY, and its
the movie and soundpiece which opens my new project all the other films will
be online soon, in the next 2 months
so, if you have time to have a look, an ear, and maybe even mention it on your website at some point, i would be very happy
i hope you enjoy, and good almost summer to you
Vincent Moon

Dear Vincent Moon (!),
wow, though. We’re all flattered. An artist we admire subscribes to our
newsletter? That’s pretty cool! We should subscribe to yours in turn. Do
you have a newsletter?
Anyway, yes, we’ll try our best to help you publicise your new label. It
seems like a great idea, and the videos we’ve seen thus far have all
been excellent. And thank you for your nice letter, too. Good almost
summer back! 

When king of universe talk to a person, he familiars to secret of
universe; he knows what thing belongs to him. He gets calm. He knows
everything belong to him in this world and the other world. He lives
without any stress in this world. He can talk to king of universe and
enjoy from him. King of universe loves him and he loves him too.
Mohammad Farnush
Dear Mohammad,
thank you for your letter. It’s really sort of wonderful.

re: whaling article
As a vegetarian and animal-rights supporter I applaud Sigursteinn
Másson’s advocacy against whaling. I do not, however, find it strange
that tourists might go directly from a whale-watching tour to a feed of
whale meat at a local restaurant. Many tourists who are thrilled to go
horse-riding here are probably very happy to go off to fill up on animal
protein immediately afterwards, maybe even colt meat, and people who
think it’s wonderful to enjoy a farm-stay holiday or to take their kids
to the petting zoo wouldn´t think twice about a steak or hamburger for
Unlike the animals in a little fabel I wrote a few years ago, published
in an anthology by the Svenska institutet, animals in our all-too real
world don´t share telepathy, don’t know we are out to kill them, don’t
know we are laying waste to our common biosphere and can’t fight back.
There is no hope for the whales or any other wild creatures. Or for us.
Kristófer Jónatansson
Dear Kristófer,
thank you for your letter. Although, it’s kind of depressing, really.
Man, you got us all bummed out. No hope? Gosh, that’s harsh!
Look, it might seem like humans as a collective or species have never
really solved any of their mutual problems or reverted from any of the
cruel and barbaric behaviour that somehow defines us. But we have,
though! Really!
Look at it this way: you are doing it right now! With your support of
animal rights and vegetarianism! You are a beacon of hope, you are the
change you want to see. Perhaps the rest of us will catch up with you
one day, perhaps not, but the way to win your cause support means hyping
it to oblivion, not downplaying it. Right?
Thanks again for your letter. And good luck. And hope and change and stuff.

Hello.More than 30 years, collect newspapers on paper and I have over
6000 different titles.Many would be glad if you send me a newspaper to
my collection.I wish you much health, happiness and professional
success.My mailing address is;Yordan Kirilov ,Tzar osvoboditel 14 ,
Ihtiman 2050 , BULGARIA
Dear Yordan,
thank you for your letter. We will surely send you something for your
collection. And we return your wishes of health, happiness and
professional success.
If any of you readers reading this have any cool newspapers or magazines
to share with our friend Yordan, then you should send him some, too. It
would make his day, and what’s better than making someone’s day?
NOTHING, that’s what.

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Sour Grapes: HYPOCRISY!


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