From Iceland — Sour grapes and stuff

Sour grapes and stuff

Published June 22, 2009

Sour grapes and stuff

Dear editor of The Reykjavík Grapevine,
I read the article about the Dalai Lama’s visit to the University of Iceland, and was truly appalled by Ms. Domurath’s attitude towards His So-Called Holiness.
Since when is looking at things as ‘black-and-white’ a good thing? Nothing in this world is ‘black-and-white’. This ‘black-and-white’ attitude leads to stupid conclusions and hypocrisy. Think about Europe’s attitude to Israel: many people there think Israel is some big ol’ meanie Nazi-esque conqueror, though few know anything about the conflict, while their own countries do much worse atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or think about the Japanese education system: they teach their children that violence, regardless of circumstance (this includes self-defence), is wrong, while they send some troops of their own to Iraq and Afghanistan, with no qualms involved (and not to mention the fact they’ve never acknowledged the atrocities they committed during WWII, which makes Germany look like Cuba).
This is absurd. Why in the world must we Western people go on with this ‘excuse-me-for-being-Western-our-knowledge-is-nothing-compared-to-your-oh-so fascinating-Islám/Buddhism/Judaism/whatever’ attitude. This whole idiotic Political Correctness is what gives Europe over to radical Islám and makes the Germans, a nation that has brough so much cultural and scientific progress to the world, ashamed of their own country. (And another thing: if the Dalai Lama says he’s just a person who’s learned ‘from encounters with others’, why does he get to lecture? Why should anyone waste time on listening to ignorant answers which work only in his weird microcosmoses?)
It’s about time Europe woke up. This is not what Prometheus stole the sun for.
An Cat Dubh –
Dear Mr. Dubh,
Yes, well. I agree that the whole bipolar, dualistic, black and white division of the world into good and evil, right and wrong, is usually a fucking horrible idea that can lead to some pretty fucking horrible conclusions.
So it’s good you think that. Nevertheless, dude, your letter smacks of the sort of fascist bile you seem to want to be against. Your attitude astounds me. I visited to your blog, I trudged through your so-called manifesto. I still have not a clue what you’re on about. Defending liberal culture by imposing all sorts of stringent rules upon it? Man, the whole point of being a pluralist – of a society of enlightenment and tolerance – is to respect the variety of cultures, and of viewpoints that are around. The opposite of liberalism is fundamentalism, yet you strive to be some sort of liberal fundamentalist? A liberascist?
Makes no sense at all. 

Hi, I am a New Yorker who is coming to Reykjavik on June 18th for twelve days. I have been following your website for the past month, and have noticed the increased attention to riots. In your opinion, is it safe to come to Reykjavik right now?
Dear Gabe,
Since you’re already here, I can only say: I hope you brought your gun. It’s totally not safe here. Tonight, as I was picking up a friend from the airport, I was pestered by a group of drunken teenagers. And yesterday this girl almost ran me over with her bike. In fact, I hear a lot of bikes get stolen around here on a regular basis. Maybe the girl had stolen the bike she was on, I have no idea. So take heed: Iceland is not safe for you. 

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
The life of people living in Island and other northern territories of the Northern hemispere is in danger of inundation. You have to inform people how they can avoid the danger. The sign that will be shown in the sky will predict the tragedy. Then, you will have 30 days to move to the highlands. Please inform the readers of your newspaper about it, because all the North will be under water. Everyone have to leave the place. I adjoint more information below [redacted].
Wanda Stanska-Proszynska, Warsaw, Poland
Dear Wanda,
Fuck. Inundation? That sounds serious. We’ll keep our eyes on the sky from now on.

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