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Sour Grapes

Published November 8, 2007

Sour Grapes

We were in Iceland last year for our 25th anniversary, and we LIVED on skyr. I am unable to find a domestic supplier of it in the States, and just now was unable to find an live online link to maybe order some from Iceland! Can you advise? Rumors of Whole Foods carrying the product are definitely false.
Lauren M
Houston, Texas, USA
Dear Lauren,
So, you like our skyr. That is understandable, as a healthier dairy product is hardly available anywhere in the world. Except for bovine colostrums perhaps, which is an excellent dish when boiled and served with cinnamon. I suggest you try that the next time you visit. But, skyr… no, sorry I don’t know where you can find it Stateside. I think your best bet is probably to contact the producer ( and ask them if it is available somewhere. But one thing I do know. You can order Icelandic candy from Have you tried the Icelandic liquorice? It is the best in the world!

I’m writing to ask is there ever any investigative reporting done in the main stream media here? Having lived here for a few years, and experiencing a few different business practices I wonder if Icelanders are getting screwed. I mean, do people think about what they get for the money they spend? On the internet I was surprised to see I was being charged for using skype which is free as far as I knew. I have an 80GB Ipod that can store HD quality movies to store on my cheap 500Gb hard drive, but it’ll cost me another Ipod to download them? The sales I see advertised aren’t if you look at most of the flyers the prices are pretty much the same. I come from a big consumer nation (the US) which has it’s pros and cons, but you can find a good deal on just about everything. I guess it’s the lack of competition and other taxation issues I don’t yet understand, but it seems to me Icelanders work hard for they’re money and get little in return. The base model of cars here cost what the luxury model costs in the states so it’s no wonder people buy them there and import them here. Computers are okay, but most are way over priced considering the components in them. I’m a foreigner married to an Icelandic woman, and my main connection home is through the internet. As you can imagine my pay is high so prices don’t affect me so much, but for the average Joe or Johannes are there better deals out there or is it a matter of how you look at it or is it all relative?
Jeffrey Bogans
Dear Jeffrey
Hmm… I would rather say as little as possible about Icelandic investigative reporting, but I think I know what your problem is. It looks like you are shortchanging yourself by buying a cheap Internet subscription. The problem with the cheaper subscription packages is that they usually include a cap on available download, 4 gb is a common number, and once you exceed the download cap, you pay extra for every mb. This would explain your Internet bill. I suggest you read Ian Watson’s articles on Internet and telephone subscription packages in issues 12 and 13. It is available online at www.grapevine. is. Yes sir, stop pinching your pennies on the subscription and go for the good stuff. Apparently, the prices don’t affect you so much, since your pay is high. And in case you didn’t know, downloading movies in illegal.

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