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Published November 5, 2004


Dear Sir
This may seem a rather random e-mail, but I found in
an internet search a piece of work done on Icelandic
sheep herding by Kirstin Egekvist.
I used to have a penfriend called Kirstin
Steffansdottir Egekvist four years ago. At that time
she lived in Denmark. I live in England and we met
through the Guide and Scout Association.
I was hoping that you could pass this e-mail on to her
as I am hoping that we could resume our friendship.
If she would like the same, please ask her to either
write to my parents address (I hope that she still has
it somewhere) or ask her to e-mail me at this address.
If you are able to help, please do, as I have been
trying to find her for a year.
Many thanks, in advance
Nicola (Seabrook)
PS. And could you tell her that her English is fantastic!
Grapevine. Here to bring people together.
Hello everybody,
Up with the teachers strike – content teachers’ demands! Protect the fundaments of social prosperity!
Panagiotis Liberopoulos
TK19003 Markopoulo Mesogaias,
Thank you Panagiotis. Anyone else. Anyone?
Fine, be that way. Let´s see if anyone has anything nice to say about us on the internet. The Guardian has a piece called “Hello darkness, my old friend…”
They claim that in Iceland: “black winter is celebrated as a season of love, beer and obsessions” “We love winter,” says a mad doctor named Thorarian Sveinsson, before adding: “Those who cannot live with it will die.” “A friend of mine did a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle,” suggests a William Thomas, window-cleaner. “My friend put the puzzle together and then he painted it white with a red dot in the middle. People thought he had made it like that. ‘How did you do it?’ they asked.” Well, William, you´ve got to keep yourself occupied somehow.
He then quotes a Mr. Gunnarsson making the obligatory Viking reference: “In late summer, early autumn, desperation sets in. You feel like you have to find someone to snuggle up to for the winter. It goes back to Viking days when there were always two to a bed to keep each other warm.” He then moves onto a young girl: “This is the first winter I haven’t had a boyfriend for several years,” said Andrea Palmadottir, 19, looking doleful. She believes the dark of winter is much more romantic.”
Miss Palmadottir, please send your contact details and a picture to:

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