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Published December 3, 2004


I love your paper – read the August issue and then kept the October one. When I got home I showed it to a friend whose friend was one of the ones you listed as ‘removable’ or ‘now forgettable.’ I don’t remember because I gave that to this friend who then shared it with the man you mentioned, the head of the Socialist Party in the USA. He was stunned and actually flattered and said something like ‘I didn’t know I was so worth remembering that now I am forgettable.’ I thought that was charming and that you might want to know that you are treasured in the home of someone you thought could be forgotten. Such a small world.
Leslie Royce
David McReynolds, American Socialist? No, we haven´t forgotten him. Vote McReynolds, not McDonalds
Wow, what a great zine!!! The writing is fantastic. I like critics who pull no punches.
Cheering up, and rolling up sleeves,
Ah, the lot of the critic is an ungrateful one. But thanks.
I am a usual reader of your fantastic newspaper and I want to congratulate you for keeping the publication well alive on a regular basis. I also congratulate you for your independent view on the Kárahnjúkar dam project.
Elvira Mendez Pinedo
Grapevine is now distributed up in Kárahnjúkar. I would really like to hear from the guys working there.
Dear editor of the Reykjavík Grape Vine,
As a foreigner living in Iceland, I really enjoy your newspaper. It allows me to know and understand a little bit more of what is going on around me, since, as many other foreigners, I don’t speak a word in Icelandic (other than takk).
So I was very pleased when in the last issue of the Grape Vine, (issue 10), I found an article about the new Spanish president. I’m from Spain, so I went right away to read the article and see what Icelanders have to say about the president of my country. The article is quiet good. A good summary of the latest news that have been coming out recently about the political situation in Spain.
However, when you wrote the full name of the president of Spain, you got it totally wrong. Your wrote:
Juan Rodrequez Zapatero
his real name is: Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
At least the last part of the name was right.
The article in the Grape Vine is signed by John Boyce. It doesn’t look like an Icelandic name, but if he is living in Iceland, he should be used to strange names with weird spelling.
Please, check your spelling next time.
Regards and keep publishing your newspaper, I really enjoy it
Thank you for your comments. Boyce has been sent to Barcelona to study Spanish. We hope that will prevent a recurrence of this in the future.
Hello Valur just saw new Grapevine…I reeeeally enjoyed yr article on America… Great Work! Infinite Rockin Blessings
Michael Pollock
Well, the experts agree…
Good job. I am from Portland, on the west coast ofthe US. I picked up your magazine at Airwaves. I’m glad to see you have back issues online. It’s definitely a great indie magazine with a little of The Onion’s humor.
I loved the article on Airwaves. I was at Gaukurinn for the Shins/Stills/Singapore Sling, etc. I just wanted to see a few bands at Gaukerinn but this caused me to miss the great shows at NASA. At least I saw Mugison sit in for one song with the band after Hudson Wayne Sunday night at Sirkus. Mugi is a really cool guy, very nice and very humble for such talent.
I agree with the foreign band statements. I ran into Ill Bill (he was staying at the same hotel as me – Fosshotel Baron) of Non Phixion and he bitched about not liking Reykjavik because they weren’t getting complimentary ganja like at their other European shows. He said they were leaving the next morning (Saturday). Ill Bill is an idiot, he should have stayed in Brooklyn and you guys should have brought over El-P, who is the best hip-hopper anyway.
I loved Sirkus. I ended-up there three nights running. I may not have found it but the only person I even kind of knew in Iceland (from Kimono) took me there. I love it. I love it indeed. I have made a promise to myself to talk it up with friends but not actually reveal Sirkus’ name or location. I don’t want it to ever change and I must admit, foreigners, especially us Americans, tend to fuck everything up, even though most of us mean well.
Kill Ill Bill.
Hello there,
the name is peter and I will be in Iceland and its capital from Christmas to a bit after new years and I´m looking for a good website that has info and concert listings of the bands and dj’s that will be playing during my stay there..any way you could point me in the right direction at all? Any and all info is much appreciated…thanks again
Glad you asked, Peter. Check out our website at:
I visited your fabulous country for the first time in September and picked up a copy of the grapevine. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with it! Your cover photo of bjork stunned me like a cattleprod! great choice! thanks to your paper I was able to see all the cool and exciting things I would not have time to see and do. talk about pain and pleasure! I have pretty much fallen in love with your country and would do just about anything to move there. I have the money, but I just can’t get over the 2 month quarantine for my 2 dogs. oh well, nature abhors perfection. thank you for a wonderful read and I am looking forward to your online paper from now on. sincerely
douglas landis
austin, texas.
ps. know anybody who needs a professional artisan bread baker? I’m available!
Thanks, Douglas. Take it easy around the cattleprods
Valur Gunnarsson,
I would like to respond to your editorial regarding the 2004 US presidential election. Fact: Bush did win the 2000 election (contrary to what Gore supporters said) fair and square. I find it insulting when you state “To their credit, the American people had never voted for Bush before”. I voted for Bush in 2000 and the 2004 election. I even postponed my relocation to Iceland so I could vote for him. On Nov 3, around my breakfast table, my family was close to tears. Tears of relief and happiness knowing Kerry wasn’t going to be president. You might not like what I have to say but I have a right to defend why I voted for Bush. Obviously, your American friends voted for Kerry. He lost. It’s time they get over it. That’s democracy. I had to put up with Clinton as president for 8 years. I didn’t like it but hey he won fair and square. Don’t stereotype me as a total idiot for voting for Bush. I don’t drive a pickup truck and have a low IQ. I happen to be a native New Yorker, female, college educated who was deeply affected by 9/11. I find it rude and insulting how you state “this is the worst government to be voted into office in a democracy in the post war era” and that people who voted for Bush don’t understand this war. I understand completely what this war is about. I could debate you for hours on that subject alone. I voted for Bush and I wish him well. Majority of Americans feel the same way I do. Enough said!!!!
A supporter of George W Bush……
Dear George W. Bush supporter
I never said you were a total idiot, specifically. I am glad you understand completely what this war is about. Please explain it to me, as I have no idea.

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