From Iceland — Icelandic Facebook Groups: Pabbatips

Icelandic Facebook Groups: Pabbatips

Published December 7, 2017

Icelandic Facebook Groups: Pabbatips
Valur Grettisson

Facebook can affect an individual in two ways: either you end up voting for Donald Trump, or you lose hope for humankind entirely because other people voted for Donald Trump and you just wish that the nuclear holocaust was around the corner to end this nonsense once and for all.

Social media is a brutal and unforgiving place where the concept of sarcasm has lost its meaning, and everybody is waiting for the next moral panic so they can humiliate some poor bastard that doesn’t believe in climate change.

However, there is an oasis in the desert, an online paradise where peace rules, and everybody tries to help each other while respecting one another’s life views. This magical place is called: Pabbatips!

Constant nervous breakdown

“Daddytips,” in English, was founded as a male version of the mother-tips group, which is best described as a failed attempt for mothers to give each other advice about motherhood. The worst way to describe the same group is that it’s like reading a constant nervous breakdown.

“Fifteen other fathers will immediately go on a hellbent mission to fix this problem for you.”

But not Daddy-tips! Oh no! Do you live in Germany and need “Paw Patrol” in Icelandic? No problem: fifteen other fathers will immediately go on a hellbent mission to fix this problem for you. You want to be sentimental and just discuss what a privilege it is to be called a father? Well, here’s my favorite response: “Thanks for the reminder. I was starting to take this for granted.”

Pappatips will restore your faith in humankind. Sadly, you have to be a dad to join this incredibly responsible club. But it is a sweet club.

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