From Iceland — Missing in Iceland: Corndogs

Missing in Iceland: Corndogs

Published December 7, 2017

Missing in Iceland: Corndogs
Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Ben Franske/Wikimedia Commons

Many moons ago, someone said to themselves, “Sure, hot dogs are bad for you, but there must be a way to make them even less healthy—how can we accomplish this?” And so corndogs were born.

A batter-dipped, deep fried hot dog on a stick is the mainstay of any state fair or amusement park in the US, but you won’t find them in Iceland. Which is odd, when you consider just how much American cuisine has been imported here, not to mention how the hot dog itself is firmly ensconced in the Icelandic palate.

Bring us your dogs

Granted, you could find all the ingredients you need to make corndogs at home yourself—hot dogs, cornmeal, and skewers—but it’s just not the same as buying it off a vendor on the street and drunkenly gnawing on it as you stumble your way through downtown. South Korea even has a version that comes encrusted with French fries, presumably for people who find regular corndogs too healthy for their taste. There’s no doubt such cuisine would be wildly popular here.

Won’t some enterprising Icelander take up the deep-friend mantle and be the first? Until that day, corndogs remain yet another thing missing in Iceland.

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