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Download These: Muck’s “Blind And Bent” & Pink Street Boys’ “Goodkid”

Download These: Muck’s “Blind And Bent” & Pink Street Boys’ “Goodkid”

Published May 22, 2015

We have not one but two tracks of the issue this time around—one from Muck and the other from Pink Street Boys, the bands gracing our cover. These bands often attract the same crowd, yet play completely different music, as is demonstrated by these two tracks.

Muck’s “Blind and Bent” has the intensity of a full-blown panic attack, suffocating you with its relentlessly tight instrumentals and guttural vocals. Meanwhile, “Goodkid” from Pink Street Boys has a super upbeat vibe reminiscent of beach rock—its gleefully reckless mix of (purposefully) muddled vocals and clanky instrumentals make you want to dance ferociously, or alternatively to break something, all the while not giving a single fuck.

Download “Blind and Bent” here (right-click-save-as-mumbo-jumbo) and “Goodkid” here.

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