From Iceland — Grapevine’s Best Of 2016: Best Place To Buy A Wool Sweater

Grapevine’s Best Of 2016: Best Place To Buy A Wool Sweater

Published September 26, 2016

Grapevine’s Best Of 2016: Best Place To Buy A Wool Sweater

Reykjavík is a relatively small city, but even so, sometimes you need a bit of local advice to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a good people-watching spot, somewhere to see some contemporary art, or the best place to catch an Icelandic movie. Don’t worry, friends—we’ve got you covered via our Best of Reykjavík 2016 series. Here are some of our favourite spots in Reykjavík, for all kinds of super-fun days and nights out. Enjoy! And if you try our list, you can let us know what you thought of the selections via

Best Place To Buy A Wool Sweater

handprjonasambandidWinner: Handprjónasambandið
Skólavörðustígur 19
Handprjónasambandið is the Hand Knitting Society of Iceland. It’s stock comes from dozens of contributors from around the country, who make traditional knitted clothing for locals and tourists alike. It’s hard to walk into this place and not stay for a long time. There are so many choices. It’s stocked wall to wall with knitted sweaters and garments in all the colours and patterns you could imagine. The best tactic is to treat it like the wand shop in Harry Potter and let the sweater choose you.

kolaportid_by_gulliRunner up: Kolaportið
Trayggvagata 19
Kolaportið has a wide selection of used wool sweaters at a price you’ll appreciate. You need to really search, and talk to the sellers. It may take a few tries but they’ll find you something you’re happy with.

red-crossRunner up: Rauða Krossinn
Laugavegur 12 & Skólavörðustígur 12
The Icelandic branch of the Red Cross always holds a surprise. You could walk in one day and find everything you’re looking for. However, sometimes you won’t find anything. It’s as much about the journey as the destination.

Previous Winners:
2015: Red Cross
2014: Handprjónasambandið
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