From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: Celebs, MSEA, Spacestation & More

Grapevine New Music Picks: Celebs, MSEA, Spacestation & More

Published June 9, 2023

Grapevine New Music Picks: Celebs, MSEA, Spacestation & More
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This summer’s off to a good start, eh? Although I wouldn’t want to be based in Blade Runner New York, I could ask for a few degrees more on the thermometre. One of this week’s tracks is all about dressing up for the weather and seizing the happiness that’s around you. We may not be the cheeriest of nations, but we sure grab every opportunity to grill the hell out of some pre-marinated lamb we got from Bónus (it’s cheaper than Krónan and Nettó by 1 ISK on average). As soon as that big yellow sucker turns it up to two degrees, you can bet that sweet smell of summer (grill fluid) will loom over your neighbourhood like a Canadian wildfire over New York.

MSEA – It’s got a little ring to it

Released June 6

MSEA’s hypnotic new track, “It’s got a little ring to it”, is from her forthcoming album Our daily apocalypse walk, out later this year. Like all the songs from the album it was inspired by MSEA’s dream journaling during the pandemic, lending the track its hazy hue. All the while, electronic drums snark and snap as atmospheric synths melt and sway in line with MSEA’s icy vocals. The title’s “little ring” refers to the idea of a beautiful love between two people. When endangered, it introduces self-doubt. MSEA delivers once again. JBB

Spacestation – Hvítt vín

Released June 9

Bursting onto the scene with youthlike vitality, Spacestation is a band gaining traction — hype if you will — in certain circles. Signed on to Heavy Knife Records, a record label that’s been around for a year now, fronted by musicians Lord Pusswhip and Alfreð Drexler, you just know it’s going to be good. Like a mix between 90s shoegaze and post-punk revivalism — even C-86 mannerisms can be found — Spacestation produce a dreamy state about white wine and ketamine. Driven forward by an innocent sounding guitar-line, the lead singer barks rhythmical stream-of-consciousness sentiments. An excellent first glimpse into a promising act. JBB

Hera Lind – hungry lion

Released June 8

21-year old singer songwriter Hera Lind is a budding artist. Fully self-taught, she released her debut single, the folksy “365 days”, last February. Now with a new track off her forthcoming album due in September 2023, “hungry lion” departs from her previous track, demonstrating slightly more intensity. Using the metaphor of a lion to represent the negative individuals in Hera’s life, the artist channels her energy through intricate melodies and determination. Hungry lions don’t make the best of roommates. JBB

Celebs – Bongó, blús & næs
Released June 9
Celebs have always been a whole bunch of fun, it just took an almost-qualifying performance in the Icelandic Eurovision semis for the general public to realise that. If you liked “Doomsday Dancing,” you need to check out their newest single, “Bongó, blús & næs”. Like the saying goes, there’s no bad weather — just bad clothes, Celebs share their infectious positivity towards the Icelandic weather. There’s always a reason to not spend time outside but Celebs want you to grab a blanket, don your long johns and most importantly, have fun. JBB

Released June 9
While the weather isn’t giving the “summer” vibes that most folks here are craving, newcomer on the rise Torfi’s second single “EITURLYF” sure does! With lyrics all about that amazing summer lovin’ feeling of love-at-first-grind on the dancefloor, when you know that everyone in the bar is loaded but the feeling and connection you have with this person you just met is something real. The best feeling, really. We hope you get to have this feeling this summer (we hope we get to as well!) You can also hear a delightful interview with Torfi on our podcast this week! He’s really one to watch, so go have a listen. RX

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