From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: Babes of Darkness, Sunna Margrét, Flesh Machine & More

Grapevine New Music Picks: Babes of Darkness, Sunna Margrét, Flesh Machine & More

Published June 4, 2023

Grapevine New Music Picks: Babes of Darkness, Sunna Margrét, Flesh Machine & More
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Flesh Machine/Þurrt Brauð

“It’s June! It’s Juuuuuuuune!,” cries George Costanza with joy as he runs through the streets of Manhattan in the iconic Seinfeld moment. That’s how we feel about the arrival of this fine month, and that we just got a new issue out on the streets! We’re also super psyched about this week’s music releases, which are as diverse as they are awesome, which is very. Go grab our 7th issue of 2023 and pop on our Spotify playlist and enjoy them together.


Guzo – Control

Released May 26

Coming totally out of left-field, this fresh hip hop track by mysterious newcomer Guzo took us completely by surprise this week. The experimental mid-noughties vibes with super slick production and intense, skilled rapping are particularly surprising given that Guzo turned 18 two weeks ago, and he made all his indie bedroom tracks in the past couple of years. We have no idea who this person actually is, but we are here for it and we can’t wait to see what’s coming. RX

Babes of Darkness – Babes of Darkness Go Country!!

Released May 28

Howdy par’ner, how y’all doin’ out here tonight in the wild west? And by west, we mean Vesturbær, where the car-cowboys Babes of Darkness roam. Their new 3-track EP is a perfect side-piece to their debut album Join Our Cult, running with their jangly country side. The title and album cover are a tip of the ten gallon hat to Portuguese band Tédio Boys who hail from the same region as the Babes’ lead singer Alex Gonçalves. It’s giving us the southern gothic rock we were craving. Yeehaw. RX

Marína Ósk – The Moon and The Sky

Released May 29

We love a torch song. Especially the original kind: the dimly lit piano bar with a beautiful singer in a flowing dress leaning on the microphone choking back tears kind. Jazz vocalist and composer Marína Ósk brings that with this perfect melancholic tune. This time, the artist collaborated with an award-winning pianist Anna Gretá, resulting in a beautiful synergy that captivates listeners with a sense of tranquility. RX/IZ

Sunna Margrét – Five Songs For Swimming

Released June 2

It’s summer, and all you want is to float — in a lake, sea, ocean, or the thermal pool because that’s the closest we can all get here. The gentle embrace of water on your skin, sunbeams on your cheeks… If you’re lucky and this dream comes true anytime soon, Sunna Margrét has just the perfect soundtrack — Five Songs for Swimming. IZ

Flesh Machine – Boys in Predicaments

Released June 2

Gotta love a song about boys. Boys being back in town, boys of the summer, boys not crying, you name it. So of course we’re thrilled that the second single from Flesh Machine’s forthcoming album The Fool is boys-themed. These boys though, they’re not doing too good! These boys are in predicaments. This rockin’ sexy groove of a pop tune is not a predicament anyway. It’s great. You can hear Flesh Machine tell you all about the track himself on our podcast 66 Degrees of Sound that he recently guest hosted with us! RX

HÚGÓ & Þórmóður – Þorparinn

Released June 2

When I saw that a new cover of the iconic Pálmi Gunnars new wave anthem “Þorparinn” just dropped, I knew I had to listen. Thirty seconds in, I was furiously texting someone that I was deeply offended, and then the beat dropped and I involuntarily started pumping my fist over my head. Every generation in Iceland needs its own version of this classic, and I cannot be mad at this zoomer menntaskóli party update. I love it. It’s exactly what I want to blast on a Monster drink-fueled runtúr. RX

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