From Iceland — Track by Track: ‘Repeat’ by Brynja

Track by Track: ‘Repeat’ by Brynja

Published November 30, 2022

Track by Track: ‘Repeat’ by Brynja
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Budding pop singer-songwriter Brynja will soon be blessing us with her debut album, ‘Repeat.’ Inspired by contemporary themes such as climate anxiety and social justice—as well as that familiar old chestnut, love—it’s truly an album for our times. We asked Brynja to give us a sneak peak behind the songs before ‘Repeat’ is released later this month.

You know that feeling at the start of something new, when you feel like everything is possible, the road ahead is wide open and you know exactly where you’re heading? That’s the energy in this song. I wrote it in the first week of my audio engineering studies.
The world I was about to enter is quite male dominated, but I decided to take a leap and claim my space.

As an individual how can you make changes in this big world? Start with yourself and chances are you’ll affect the people around you. Together we create new norms.

It ain’t always that easy.

My Oh My
A song about despair. Feeling like you’re lost in a maze you built yourself. Not knowing which foot to put forward, or how to start getting your shit together.

Generations repeat past generations’ mistakes.

Life can feel like an endless game of catching up. How can you be successful, live up to society’s expectations, live according to your values and have fun—all at the same time? What do you do when your values don’t align? My aim to be environmentally friendly often seems to go against other goals.

What Scares Me
I interviewed people from around the world asking them a simple question: “When thinking of climate change, what scares you?”

Inhale is a peaceful reminder to calm down. Take a moment to breathe. Although life can be tough, it’s incredible how much can happen in your head. You are the creator of your own happiness.
While making the album I shared a studio with a group of musicians in Den Haag. It warms my heart to have captured their harmonies on this one.

Be Alright
No matter how bad things get you can always bounce back. This too shall pass. The darkest nights will dawn, it will be alright.

Light Headed
A song about rare moments of pure bliss. The moments you’re not worried about taxes, dirty laundry or what to eat for lunch. Moments where you are fully present and full of joy.
When writing this song I asked a bunch of people, “what is your favourite memory?” They’d reminisce and I’d watch their faces light up and eyes sparkle. I dare you to try this.

My grandpa died at the age of 91 shortly before covid hit. It was my first real experience with death. Although I was incredibly sad I still knew this was the way of life. After 91 years of a healthy, happy life, dying surrounded by your family seems like the ideal way to go. This experience left me with questions about the soul and body, our existence and purpose.

One day my heart will stop beating. The cycle repeating.

Aftur & Aftur
We are literally stardust floating around in space. My everyday problems seem quite insignificant when I’m reminded of that. This song is me accepting that I don’t have the answers to everything, and I don’t have to.
This song just would not come out in English. For non-Icelandic speakers, you are forced to accept that not everything is meant to be understood. Some things will forever remain a mystery.

‘Repeat’ was released worldwide on October 20th and is available to stream now.

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