We’re Not Sports Persons: Supersport! Aims For Top 10 Pop Hit —

We’re Not Sports Persons: Supersport! Aims For Top 10 Pop Hit

Published September 27, 2019

We’re Not Sports Persons: Supersport! Aims For Top 10 Pop Hit
Phil Uwe Widiger
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Art Bicnick

Bjarni, Þóra, and Dagur of Supersport! are all cuteness and smiles as they sit around a table at Kaffibrennslan. The band is fresh off an enchanting Culture Night performance, where, forgoing the stage, they decided to sit in a patch of grass in the middle of the audience as they serenaded onlookers with catchy, uplifting pop tunes. While all three have only been collaborating as Supersport! for one month at the time of our coffee date, their performance revealed a chemistry far beyond their time together.

Three musicians walk into a studio

Bjarni and Þóra, taking over guitar and vocal duties, had been playing together for about two years in the successful indie-rock band bagdad brothers before forming Superport! A change of plans resulted in unexpected free time to write new songs.

“In a way, we’re a sportier band than others we’ve been in.”

“The oldest ones started happening in June,” recalls Bjarni. “We’ve gotten ourselves into a rhythm where we write songs very frequently and very fast.” Both agree that the songs they are currently performing are some of the best they have ever written.

Culture Night was also when Dagur joined the band. “I was asked to join the next rehearsal and when I arrived, Bjarni told me I was also going to be a singer in the band,” says the drummer. “And that we were going to record a demo a day after.” He laughs, revealing another endearing feature of the trio: They do not take themselves too seriously.


Just another pop song

“Well, they are all essentially pop songs,” says Bjarni, when asked whether there were any underlying theme behind the band’s songs. Judging by the way he talks, it seems he might consider this a bad thing.

The guitarist shrugs. “Sometimes I feel like the urge to apologize for it or talk about it in an ironic way even though it’s definitely my preferred form of expression. In the Post-dreifing social circles there are a lot of people who make very experimental music. So in this context, it’s always kinda awkward to talk about being inspired by the Beatles,” he explains.

But just like the later half of the Beatles’ output, Supersport! is setting out to put a dynamic production on their album due before the end of the year. Another goal is to have a top 10 hit on the Icelandic radio channel Rás 2. “It’s about time,” says Bjarni, happily.

Not really sports persons

The name Supersport! is an homage to a British indie-rock band of the nineties. “We’re not really sports persons,” explains Þóra. “But in some ways we’re a sportier band than other bands we’ve been in,” Bjarni muses. “The songs are just fitter. I feel like they are in very solid shape. They’ve been worked out quite well.”

“That was improvised, just to be clear,” laughs the guitarist.

All jokes aside, though, it’s clear Supersport! has the skills and charms to meet their goals and create that top 10 hit. They’re currently working on new material and, as they ask to be included in this article, looking for a manager. Any takers?

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