From Iceland — Track by Track: ‘Unbroken’ By ZAKAZ

Track by Track: ‘Unbroken’ By ZAKAZ

Published September 27, 2019

Track by Track: ‘Unbroken’ By ZAKAZ
Hannah Jane Cohen
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Art Bicnick

ZAKAZ is a one-man atmospheric post-black metal project known for its cathartic soundscapes and emotional songs. Here, ZAKAZ go through his newest EP, ‘Unbroken,’ track by track.

All of these songs are deeply personal and were written in a period of total chaos, grief, and sorrow. I hope people will take something positive away from them. Too much pointless negativity and hatred plagues this soil. I only wish people would let go of their childish beliefs and start appreciating those around them.

Too many people are afraid of showing emotion, particularly men. It’s a fucked-up culture here in Iceland, where men are forced to hold back their emotions and therefore become “tough” or “strong.” The suicide rate of young men reflects this, and most of you are to blame. Talk about how you feel to anyone you trust—there’s always someone. And if not: Find creative ways to express yourself.

Hof úr Holdi

This track is about my struggle with depression and contains a powerful reminder that I am stronger than the adversities I face: “I am the fire that burns away the past.” It’s also a reminder that I am only flesh, and therefore every moment left living is sacred. “I am naught to nothing, a monument to none: a sacred Temple of Flesh.” A deeper meaning is the notion of a forgotten unwritten history that exists within your body. I believe in genetic memories, which you can access through meditation.

Shadows That You Cast

The only lyrics not written by myself, but by my brilliant other half, a closet poet for sure. When you don’t feel good enough for anything and you feel like nobody appreciates you, treats you like shit, and expects everything in return. That is what this song is about—breaking ties and getting a sense of freedom when you have nothing left to lose.



Ah, the title track. This should be the most grandeur of them all right? Judge for yourself. It’s written about a nostalgic yearning for simpler times, where we stood equal before the forces of nature and didn’t consider ourselves above it all. There are forces today that would cover the world under a suffocating veil and ultimately end the world as we know it, “Unbroken we stand, forever.” A song against all oppression.

The end passage is written for my dog that was put to sleep in my arms in March of 2018. It hurt me deeply. This whole album is dedicated to all those I have lost in the last few years.

Eilífi Drottinn Holds

This song is about owning up to your mistakes, taking responsibility and not backing down from adversities. The song starts with a confession to a person that is very close to me about vowing never to make the same mistakes that they had done throughout their life but ended up breaking that vow, regretfully. The lyrics describe being betrayed by those who you thought were loyal, hurtful memories of lost times, and redemption. Being the lord of your own existence and destiny; lord of your own flesh. Only you can make something worth doing and be the master of your own fate.


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