From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist 18: The Soul Of The Beat

Grapevine Playlist 18: The Soul Of The Beat

Published October 11, 2019

Grapevine Playlist 18: The Soul Of The Beat
Hannah Jane Cohen Valur Grettisson Lea Müller
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Moses Hightower – Lyftutónlist

The Icelandic kings of soul, Moses Hightower, are back—with a vengeance, but with a piece of elevator-music (that’s the literal translation of the title of the song). The title doesn’t promise much, but it’s actually some quality music with incredibly talented musicians and arguably the best songwriters in the biz. VG

Anton Líni – Cut Me Loose

Anton Líni’s cover of “Cut Me Loose” is beautifully designed and the song provides a relieving drop. Though it reminds me a little bit too much of Justin Bieber, it’s a well crafted track with an easy melody that seems to become better every time you listen to it. LM

24/7, Joey Christ, Birnir & Daniil – Brauðið

I never knew a song about bread could be so aggressive. Well, if you forgot to write a grocery list before going to the supermarket, this Icelandic rap-supergroup track might give you some guidance. Expect this banger to be on rotation every party night at Prikið for the next year. LM/HJC

Kef Lavík – Blautt Heitt Langt Vont Sumar

Kef Lavík has morphed into an incredible cultural phenomenon, and it’s not clear exactly why. Well, I’m perhaps lying about that—their live sessions are incredible. This new album is an entertaining fusion of those good ole’ Icelandic country-party-songs and hip-hop, making them some brilliant version of Sálin Hans Jóns Míns—the party elements, not the music. Or something. Just see them live. VG

CYBER – hold

With the core message, “In fact, life is a long wait for nothing”, Cyber promotes 21st century nihilism at it’s best. The abundance of bobby pins and barrettes in the video adds a touch of irony, reminiscent of Billie Eilish’s necklaces. Cyber has long flown under the radar of Icelandic hip-hop—perhaps this’ll be their breakthrough track. LM/HJC

we are not romantic – Nokia Calling

This new song caused a fierce debate in the office. One Grapevine employee thought it was derivative and emblematic of how lame ‘randomness’ is. That said, our editor-in-chief (the one writing this) thinks it is a genius piece of art, reminiscent of early Alec Empire in Atari Teenage Riot and wants to book them for our next staff party. Listen at your own risk. VG

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